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The global Consumer Goods & Retail markets have evolved significantly over the past few decades. In several developed economies, these markets are reaching near-maturity and are now characterized by slower growth rates. Challenges spanning established competition, hard-to-please and well-informed consumers with complex shopper behaviour, lower spending capacity and greater cost-consciousness on the heels of the economic crisis, paired with consolidation in the Retail sector and strengthening of private labels, often require almost acrobatic skills and measured approach to successfully navigate in these markets.

On the other side of the spectrum are the developing, high-growth Consumer Goods & Retail markets of emerging economies, such as those in Eastern and Central Europe, several Asian countries, and the BRIC, now, quite rightly, referred to as the BRICS to highlight South Africa’s potential. Opportunities are plentiful in these geographies, driven by fast growing consumer demand spurred by rapid disposable income growth, lifestyle transformations, increasingly Westernized preferences, and evolution of organized Retail sector that continues to lower barriers for foreign players. These markets are definitely worth exploring, though they do pose their own set of challenges and risks, including infrastructure inadequacies, uneven distribution of wealth, and still significant culture- and economically-driven differences in consumer preferences, preventing companies from adopting a one-size-fits-all approach of transferring their proven strategies successfully implemented in developed markets.

At EOS Intelligence, we believe that Consumer Goods & Retail markets continue to be the engine of growth for several developed and developing countries. With this in mind, we have dedicated time and resources to develop strong in-house research and intelligence know-how in these industries. Through our tailor-made intelligence solutions, we provide actionable insights to support our clients in their strategy formulation across market-entry and expansion, product launch and portfolio refinement, procurement and sourcing optimization, and customer segmentation.

If you desire to learn more about our consumer goods & retail sector capabilities, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to answer your queries.

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