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Energy is an economic, strategic and geopolitical resource and its demand, supply and infrastructure dynamics are undergoing more change today than at any time since the 1970s. Demand among developed economies is moderating as energy efficiency, conservation and more ‘resourceful’ commercial, industrial and residential consumers take centre stage. At the same time, with emerging countries trying to maintain the path of high economic growth rates, their energy demands are growing rapidly.

To balance the equation, supply side dynamics are also undergoing radical change, as deep water offshore discoveries, shale gas/ liquids and other forms of renewable energy resources evolve to meet the changes in demand. Globally, investment in the development of renewable energy technologies and energy-efficiency is now a priority for most governments, although emphasis varies from nation to nation. Fluctuating energy prices, mainly oil and gas, are stimulating R&D on energy-efficient technologies and processes. As developed economies in Europe and the USA grapple with deficit and debt, their support for costly renewable energy projects have dampened significantly. On the other hand, most emerging economies are investing heavily in alternate energy, even while continuing to use traditional fossil fuels.

The demand for other natural resources such as petrochemicals, basic and specialty chemicals, and metals continues to grow exponentially, driven by emerging economies across Asia, South America and parts of Africa. As these natural resources continue to deplete, there is increased supply pressure, significantly impacting prices, and thus margins of end-user companies. Technology has played a small role in ensuring efficiency in sourcing of the natural resources and in cutting supply-chain losses; however, the overdependence on these resources without looking for substitutes will prove fatal in the long run.

At EOS Intelligence, we believe that Utilities & Resources are critical for sustainable growth, especially in emerging economies. We provide bespoke intelligence through detailed market opportunity assessments, country analysis, competitive benchmarking and best practice research that allows our clients to take well-informed decisions on sourcing and pricing of these resources.

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