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EOS Intelligence has developed extensive knowledge across industries to support our clients’ growth-centric critical business decisions. From helping explore opportunities across new regions, new customers and new products to evaluating growth in existing markets by focusing on new customer segments and product- innovation, we provide tailor-made business solutions to our clients.

Depending on our client’s business objective, we create customised intelligence derived from a combination of our Market Intelligence services, including
  • Market Analysis – assessment of historical and future growth prospects, including analysis of key growth drivers and challenges, and market characteristics

  • Market Assessment – evaluation of forces shaping new and established markets, analysis of trends impacting market growth and market dynamics using tools such as Porter’s Five Forces, PESTLE, etc.; capturing inside view on market characteristics and drivers derived from firsthand market participants interviews; analysis of industry-specific KPIs to assess growth stage

  • Market Sizing and Segmentation – qualitative and quantitative assessment and estimation of market size and growth

  • Best Practice Research – from company and industry perspective, evaluating good practices across technology, operations, product innovation, manufacturing, etc.

  • Country Analysis – addressing political, demographic, economic, social and regulatory environment prevailing in a country of interest

If you desire to learn more about our market intelligence services, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to answer your queries.

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