JUN 23 2017

Brazil – Long Road Ahead


Sentiments regarding economic recovery in Brazil rose high when Index of Economic Activity of the Central Bank (IBC-Br) recorded growth in January and February this year, only to be dampened by the March data, which showed 0.44% decline in the index. Hope of economic revival was hinged on good show by service sector, coupled with…

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NOV 16 2016

The Gloomy Post-Olympic Scenario for Brazil

Economy, Emerging Markets

Now that the Rio Olympics have ended, Brazil will soon get to see whether the expected benefits of its enormous investment start materializing. The sports extravaganza was heavy on Brazil’s pocket, as the country spent massive amount of money on construction of sports venues, housing, transportation, and other infrastructure. Hosting Olympics has indisputably driven tourism,…

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JUN 17 2014

A Dragon Unfurls its Wings – How China’s Economic Slowdown Is Rippling Through Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets, World Economy

Almost 10 years ago, Goldman Sachs published a report, in which it predicted Chinese GDP to overtake the USA’s GDP by 2020. Today, this prognosis looks like a far-fetched dream as China has recently been riding a wild economic horse. When Chinese economy was growing, its demand for various products and services contributed to the…

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MAY 17 2012

India Downgraded – How Bad Is It?

World Economy

The recent downgrade by Standard & Poor’s comes as no surprise as it clearly reflects India’s worsening economic and industrial growth outlook in the medium-term. Growing concerns over widening fiscal deficit and overall reforms paralysis has also resulted in the lowering of India’s GDP growth for 2012 to 6.9%. Read Our Detailed Report.