SEP 27 2017

Electric Trucks in Japan – a Tale of Tests and Trials


“I am convinced that electric trucks are the future of inner-city distribution”, said Marc Llistosella, President and Chief Executive of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) when inaugurating Japan’s first public power charging station for trucks in May 2017. There are two ways to view Llistosella’s statement. On the one hand, with the launch…

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JUN 09 2014

Japan’s Quest for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Japan, for many years the symbol of safe use of nuclear energy, started to revise its focus on atomic power following the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima plant meltdowns. After the accident, atomic plants were shut down, and in 2012, the government declared its commitment to the diversification of energy sources, working towards making the country…

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MAY 15 2013

As Myanmar Works Towards Stability, Communal Violence Holds The Nation Back.

Emerging Markets, World Economy

In mid-2012, we published a report on Myanmar, looking into its potential as a new emerging market with considerable investment and trade opportunities for foreign investors (see: Myanmar – The Next Big Emerging Market Story?). Almost a year later, we are returning to Myanmar, to check and evaluate whether the political, social, and economic changes…

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