FEB 02 2017

The Return of Consumer Credit – What Does It Mean for Algerian Passenger Vehicles Industry?

AUTOMOTIVE, Emerging Markets

(This post, along with recently published article on auto financing in Nigeria, formed a mainstay of a broader coverage article titled ‘Affordable auto financing essential for OEM success in Africa’, contributed by EOS Intelligence to ‘Guide to the automotive world in 2017’, Automotive World’s annual publication covering a gamut of articles by leading global automotive…

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OCT 19 2016

China’s Digital Single Market – Internet of Things

Emerging Markets, Technology

Underpinned by immense government support, private investments, as well as the highest number of machine-to-machine (M2M) mobile connections globally, China has potential to get to the forefront of IoT (Internet of Things) development. While most countries are still beginning to understand the benefits of IoT, China already embraced the technology as early as 2010, when…

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OCT 02 2014

Mexico: The Next Manufacturing Powerhouse?

AUTOMOTIVE, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Supply Chain

As China’s cost advantages continue to erode with its increasing wages and fuel costs, the trend of nearshoring surges in popularity. North American manufacturers have started to include Mexico in their supply chains to achieve operational efficiencies such as speed to market, lower inventory costs, and fewer supply disruptions. As a result, Mexico’s manufacturing industry…

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MAY 15 2013

As Myanmar Works Towards Stability, Communal Violence Holds The Nation Back.

Emerging Markets, World Economy

In mid-2012, we published a report on Myanmar, looking into its potential as a new emerging market with considerable investment and trade opportunities for foreign investors (see: Myanmar – The Next Big Emerging Market Story?). Almost a year later, we are returning to Myanmar, to check and evaluate whether the political, social, and economic changes…

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FEB 13 2013

Production Re-shoring – a Great Idea That Won’t Materialize?

Manufacturing, Supply Chain

After years of shifting American production capabilities to China as the primary low-cost location, the trend might be somewhat changing. As costs increase in this previously cheap destination, American executives have started to question whether it still makes economic sense to spend more and more on Chinese labour and transport the products back half across…

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