JUN 28 2018

Modicare: Which States Matter the Most?

Medical Devices, Universal Health Care

Dubbed as ‘Modicare’ (named after the Indian prime minister), India’s National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) is being considered as the world’s largest government funded healthcare scheme. The scheme is expected to benefit 500 million people by providing them with cover for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization. While the recent press around the scheme focuses largely…

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MAR 23 2017

MedTech in APAC – Harmonizing Hazards and Rewards for Rapid Expansion

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Medical Devices

Being the third largest medtech market in the world, Asia-Pacific (APAC) is becoming an investment hub for medical technology companies globally. Owing to the economic growth of the region and increasing income of the local population, healthcare affordability and quality are on the rise. These are the ground reasons that drive medtech companies to focus…

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NOV 02 2016

A Doctor under Your Skin: Wearable Medical Devices in India, Brazil, and China

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Medical Devices, Technology

From smart glasses that allow a surgeon to operate having his patient’s medical records at sight to an intelligent contact lens that measures glucose levels of its wearer, technological innovations are changing the world as we know it. Wearable medical device market growth has been promising and the industry is expected to reach a value…

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OCT 28 2014

Indonesia – Public and Private Participation in Universal Healthcare

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Universal Health Care

Under its National Health Strategic Plan (NHSP), Indonesia is continuously focusing on improving the quality and accessibility of its public healthcare system. NHSP (2010-2014) aims to enhance health status through involvement of private sector and civil society. It also focuses on the prevention and cure of health problems faced by the community through availability of…

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JUL 08 2014

Vietnam’s Social Health Insurance – Strong Foundation, but Lacking in Support Infrastructure

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Universal Health Care

Vietnam aims at achieving 100% coverage under its Social Health Insurance by end of 2014. We review the opportunities and challenges faced by healthcare industry stakeholders in Vietnam, and the government’s effort in ensuring 100% health insurance coverage for its population. Vietnam is a lower-middle income country (GNI per capita US$1,550 as of 2012) with…

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APR 29 2014

Cambodia’s Social Health Insurance – In Need of Strong Government Support

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Universal Health Care

In the second part of our ongoing series on universal healthcare in the Southeast Asian countries, we review the social health insurance infrastructure, design and opportunities for healthcare industry stakeholders in Cambodia. Cambodia is a low income country (GNI per capita US$880 as of 2012) with a population of about 15 million (67th most populous…

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