FEB 23 2017

Trump In Action: Triumph Or Tremor For Latin America?

Emerging Markets, World Economy

Donald Trump commenced his presidency by announcing ‘America First’ policy, thus casting a dark shadow on trade and exports from other countries to the USA. Trump’s protectionist and neo-isolation policies are accepted with gritted teeth across the world, particularly by the USA’s southern neighbors. The renegotiation of trade treaties, more stringent migration policies, as well…

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NOV 30 2016

Mobile Cuisine in Mexico and Brazil: Are Food Trucks Ready to Roll?

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets

Food trucks, a new trend in food service combining gourmet cuisine and low cost establishment, have been increasingly rolling around the world. The concept originated in the USA, where feeding consumers from trucks has been gaining popularity with the market CAGR expected at 17% between 2012 and 2017. Around 2012, this business model reached Mexico…

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FEB 11 2016

OEM Suppliers – Perfecting the Balancing Act

AUTOMOTIVE, Manufacturing, Supply Chain

Suppliers to the automotive industry (OEM suppliers) have witnessed strong and steady growth over the past few years. Owing largely to the recovery in the global automotive market coupled with high-capacity utilization at their production facilities, OEM suppliers have performed better as compared with their OEM customers, especially in terms of profitability. However, the golden…

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SEP 11 2015

Emerging Markets Take Vehicle Safety Standards Seriously (At least on Paper)!

AUTOMOTIVE, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing

The article was first published in Automotive World’s Q3 2015 Megatrends Magazine ———- Across emerging and frontier markets, most car buyers have generally focused on pricing, maintenance cost, and fuel economy, thereby ignoring the very important aspect of safety. The governments in these countries have also not given due importance to this aspect, as basic…

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