JUN 30 2017

Five Technology Trends to Reshape Retail in 2017

Consumer Goods & Retail

Today, retail and technology have become inseparable, driven by the need to digitalize services to offer convenience to shoppers and elevate their shopping experience. Retailers are slowly shifting focus towards being phygital, and to digitalization of in-store experience, supported by disruptive technologies (social, mobile, cloud, and analytics) continuously transforming the face of retail sector. Besides…

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JAN 14 2016

Have Big Box Retailers Successfully Metamorphosed the Indian Retail Culture?

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets

With its vast aspirational population, India is among the most favored retail destinations globally. However, the country’s retail market is still shackled by old-fashioned merchants and modern retailers are struggling to draw customers. One of the biggest challenges is the ‘retail structure’ of India – the market is mature but highly fragmented with 12-15 million…

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MAY 21 2015

The Rising Importance of Private Labels for GCC Retailers

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing

Despite the recent progress made by several Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) retailers in developing their private labels, the industry is still lagging behind in comparison with western markets. Although regional retailers are well aware of the private labels’ potential, they have not fully leveraged their benefits. As the competition intensifies, regional retailers need to develop…

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APR 16 2014

Evolving Business Needs Pave Way for Retail Distribution Centres in South Africa

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Supply Chain

Traditionally, retail distribution in South Africa was largely in the hands of the manufacturers, who solely owned and operated the warehouses and fleet of vehicles that were used to distribute products to retail stores. Today, this system is seen as inefficient and is increasingly losing in popularity. Leading retail chains, such as Shoprite, SPAR, Pick…

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FEB 04 2014

Vietnam’s Macroeconomic Environment: FDI Paving the Way for Growth

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Transportation

2013 was the sixth consecutive year since Vietnam first witnessed macroeconomic instability. With high inflation levels, a collapse of the banking system, and relatively lower growth levels compared with its Asia-Pacific peers, the economy faced immense pressures. However, thanks to continuous efforts by the government to uplift the economy as well as the presence of…

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