DEC 14 2016

Thailand: Endeavoring to Become Asia’s Next Luxury Shopping Stop

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing

As purchasing power growth is slowing down in mature markets such as the USA and Europe, international brands and luxury retailers are seeking expansion opportunities in dynamic and rapidly developing Asian countries. Thailand is fast becoming a destination of choice for several luxury brands owing to robust demand, developed urban infrastructure, and low cost of…

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OCT 07 2015

Utility-scale Projects to Boost Thai Solar Market

Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Utilities & Resources

We are looking at the current landscape of solar photovoltaic (PV) market across selected Asian countries. Our previous articles of the series covered current scenario and future prospects of solar PV market in China (China’s Solar Power Boom) and India (Solarizing India – Fad or Future?). Our third article in this series discusses the development…

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MAR 25 2015

Universal Health Access in Southeast Asia – Bridging the Coverage Gap

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Universal Health Care

Affordable and accessible health care service is a common objective for governments across developed as well as developing nations. Global trends suggest that generally countries, as they attain prosperity, tend to move towards a Universal Health Care (UHC)/ Social Health Insurance (SHI) regime, in which 100% population is provided with health care coverage (scope varies…

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JUN 17 2014

A Dragon Unfurls its Wings – How China’s Economic Slowdown Is Rippling Through Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets, World Economy

Almost 10 years ago, Goldman Sachs published a report, in which it predicted Chinese GDP to overtake the USA’s GDP by 2020. Today, this prognosis looks like a far-fetched dream as China has recently been riding a wild economic horse. When Chinese economy was growing, its demand for various products and services contributed to the…

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JUL 16 2013

The ASEAN Pharmaceutical Market – Measure of Attractiveness

Emerging Markets, Health Care

The ASEAN region, home to more than 600 million people, has historically been an attractive market for international pharmaceutical companies. With the exception of Indonesia, all other countries in the ASEAN region rely heavily on pharmaceutical imports, with Myanmar importing up to 80% of its annual demand. Relative attractiveness of each country in the region…

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