FEB 09 2018

Infographic: Vietnam Tourism Sector – Taking Off


Tourists are flocking to Vietnam to admire its natural beauty and cultural heritage. With record-level tourist arrivals in 2017, Vietnam is rising among the fastest growing travel destinations in the world. This sector growth can be attributed to several government initiatives, including strengthening of tourism regulations, financial stimulus, and technology integration. However, some of the…

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JUN 05 2015

Garments and Textiles In Vietnam – Is The Future As Bright As The Past?

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing

Recording a positive growth year after year since 2001, Vietnam’s garment and textile industry is now banking on a potential TPP and some FTAs to continue its journey on the success path. However, as some of the already existing problems, such as heavy reliance on imported raw materials, become a bigger concern, and new problems…

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MAR 25 2015

Universal Health Access in Southeast Asia – Bridging the Coverage Gap

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Universal Health Care

Affordable and accessible health care service is a common objective for governments across developed as well as developing nations. Global trends suggest that generally countries, as they attain prosperity, tend to move towards a Universal Health Care (UHC)/ Social Health Insurance (SHI) regime, in which 100% population is provided with health care coverage (scope varies…

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JUL 08 2014

Vietnam’s Social Health Insurance – Strong Foundation, but Lacking in Support Infrastructure

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Universal Health Care

Vietnam aims at achieving 100% coverage under its Social Health Insurance by end of 2014. We review the opportunities and challenges faced by healthcare industry stakeholders in Vietnam, and the government’s effort in ensuring 100% health insurance coverage for its population. Vietnam is a lower-middle income country (GNI per capita US$1,550 as of 2012) with…

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JUN 17 2014

A Dragon Unfurls its Wings – How China’s Economic Slowdown Is Rippling Through Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets, World Economy

Almost 10 years ago, Goldman Sachs published a report, in which it predicted Chinese GDP to overtake the USA’s GDP by 2020. Today, this prognosis looks like a far-fetched dream as China has recently been riding a wild economic horse. When Chinese economy was growing, its demand for various products and services contributed to the…

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FEB 04 2014

Vietnam’s Macroeconomic Environment: FDI Paving the Way for Growth

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Transportation

2013 was the sixth consecutive year since Vietnam first witnessed macroeconomic instability. With high inflation levels, a collapse of the banking system, and relatively lower growth levels compared with its Asia-Pacific peers, the economy faced immense pressures. However, thanks to continuous efforts by the government to uplift the economy as well as the presence of…

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