developing intelligence to drive sector growth


developing intelligence to drive sector growth


by EOS Intelligence


Insights for businesses facing a rapidly evolving industry environment, through tools and solutions to provide intelligence support on decisions on growth and optimization


Globally, the life sciences industry is witnessing transformation driven by demographic and economic changes across advanced and emerging markets. With greater penetration of healthcare services in emerging countries and with healthcare service providers struggling to meet the growing demand in developed nations, there is unprecedented pressure on the industry.

In order to sustain growth and ensure delivery of quality services and products, healthcare segments (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology) are converging in several aspects to come up with new treatment solutions.

A US-based pharmacy chain wished to expand its service portfolio by offering healthcare services at its retail pharmacies. The client wanted to gain a detailed understanding of current market scenario and competition in the retail pharmacy clinics space before taking the final decision


We have garnered extensive and in-depth knowledge of the life sciences and medtech industry, having worked across the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and healthcare services segments of the market. Our understanding of the markets, competitive landscape, patient dynamics, regulatory environment and technology enables us to deliver insights, through customized intelligence solutions, that support a range of our clients’ business needs.


A US-based consumer packaged goods company was looking to expand its business in Latin America. The client wished to understand the business and regulatory environment, and potential demand drivers in key LATAM markets to devise its market entry strategy


The global consumer goods and retail markets have evolved significantly over the past few decades. In several developed economies, these markets are reaching near-maturity and are now characterized by slower growth rates, while emerging markets experience fast growing consumer demand spurred by rapid disposable income growth, lifestyle transformations, and evolution of organized retail.

We believe that consumer goods and retail markets continue to be the engine of growth for several developed and developing countries.

Through our tailor-made intelligence solutions, we provide actionable insights to support our clients in their strategy formulation across market entry and expansion, product launch and portfolio refinement, procurement and sourcing optimization, and customer segmentation.


The challenges and opportunities faced by the automotive and transportation sectors are particularly intense in emerging markets, where economic growth spurs demand for both products and services, but industry growth is hampered by inadequate road and rail infrastructure.

On the one hand, there is technology which is disrupting how traditionally the automotive and transportation sectors have functioned globally, while on the other hand there is an increasing pressure to operate under stricter safety and environmental regulations imposed by governments and demanded by social groups.

A global conglomerate was looking to invest in emerging Sub-Saharan Africa region. The client wanted to identify potential geographies it could target for investments and understand market potential across key industrial sectors


We have closely studied and followed the automotive and transportation sectors, which has allowed us to establish an in-depth knowledgebase of the various functions of the industry, as well as build an understanding of the critical importance of this industry to both developed and emerging economies. Our bespoke solutions enable businesses to take informed decisions based on evolving supplier and consumer dynamics, regulatory environment, and technological advancements.


A EU-based chemical company was looking to identify potential partners to distribute its specialty chemical products in various African countries. The client also wished to understand the logistical and technical expertise of these distributors to determine the ideal fit


Energy is an economic and strategic resource, and its demand, supply, and infrastructure dynamics are evolving like never before. Investment in the renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency is now a priority.

The growth rate of demand for these resources in developed economies is cooling down, as energy efficiency, conservation and more conscious commercial, industrial and residential consumers take center stage. At the same time, with emerging countries trying to maintain the path of high economic growth rates, their energy demands are growing rapidly.

We provide bespoke intelligence through detailed market opportunity assessments, country analysis, competitive benchmarking and best practice research that allows businesses to take well-informed decisions on sourcing and pricing of these resources.

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