NOV 10 2015

Central Asia – A Region of Uneven Growth and Investment Potential

AUTOMOTIVE, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities & Resources

Although all Central Asian countries have been performing well on the overall economic growth front over the past several years, this good performance cannot be assumed to imply an investment growth (especially FDI-related growth)registered by all these countries. Despite government efforts and certain industries playing a critical role in bolstering growth of each Central Asian…

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SEP 17 2014

Is Non-Oil Sector the New Champion of the Nigerian Economy?

Emerging Markets, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication

The 1970s’ oil discovery transformed Nigeria from a largely agro-economy to a more oil-dominated one. Over the last several decades, oil played a significant role in Nigeria’s positive growth story, and its emergence as one of the key economic hubs in Africa. Interestingly, however, the last few years have seen a revival of non-oil sectors,…

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SEP 03 2014

Mexico Energy Reforms – Pleases Energy Companies, Displeases Nationals

Emerging Markets, Oil & Gas, Utilities & Resources

In H2 2013, we published an article on Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s proposed energy reforms. Eight months after constitutional amendments were introduced to actualize these reforms, the President has taken a historic step and signed the energy reform bills passed by the Congress into law. While analysts seem happy with the new package of…

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APR 01 2013

Will Shale Gas Solve Our Fuel Needs for the Future?

Emerging Markets, Oil & Gas, Utilities & Resources

At first glance, shale gas might look too good to be true: large untapped natural gas resources present on virtually every continent. Abundant supplies of relatively clean energy allowing for lower overall energy prices and reduced dependence on non-renewable resources such as coal and crude oil. However, despite this huge potential, the shale gas revolution…

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