MAR 28 2018

Big Data Analytics: A Revolution for the Healthcare Sector

Health Care

Big data analytics is beginning to transform the healthcare sector by forging new pathways that lead to data transparency, reduction in healthcare costs, and improved patient outcome through better quality of healthcare services. Traditionally, physicians used their clinical judgment to make treatment-related decisions but over the last few years, the trend has shifted towards evidence-based…

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MAR 23 2017

MedTech in APAC – Harmonizing Hazards and Rewards for Rapid Expansion

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Medical Devices

Being the third largest medtech market in the world, Asia-Pacific (APAC) is becoming an investment hub for medical technology companies globally. Owing to the economic growth of the region and increasing income of the local population, healthcare affordability and quality are on the rise. These are the ground reasons that drive medtech companies to focus…

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MAR 16 2017

Blockchain Technology – Next Frontier in Healthcare?

Health Care, Technology, World Economy

Blockchain, an innovation underlying the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, is a distributed ledger technology enabling transparent and secure data sharing in real time. The buzz around blockchain technology has spread far beyond finance sector, the technology’s original application area. In fact, think tanks globally are exploring and testing the potential use of blockchain technology to ease current…

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JAN 06 2017

2016 Perspectives in Retrospective

Automotive, Consumer Goods & Retail, Health Care, Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities & Resources, World Economy

As we enter 2017, we revisit some of our Perspectives we published throughout 2016. Emerging Markets / Technology China’s Digital Single Market – IoT Underpinned by immense government support, private investments, as well as the highest number of M2M mobile connections globally, China has the potential to get to the forefront of IoT development. IoT,…

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