AUG 19 2015

Central America And Caribbean: Rising Stars In Investment Landscape

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, World Economy

Since 2010, less frequently discussed Central American and Caribbean countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua have started to attract significant investment limelight. Effective government initiatives, complemented with availability of young and qualified labor as well as advantageous geographical location are helping these countries attract an increasing number of investments in various industries with…

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SEP 17 2014

Is Non-Oil Sector the New Champion of the Nigerian Economy?

Emerging Markets, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication

The 1970s’ oil discovery transformed Nigeria from a largely agro-economy to a more oil-dominated one. Over the last several decades, oil played a significant role in Nigeria’s positive growth story, and its emergence as one of the key economic hubs in Africa. Interestingly, however, the last few years have seen a revival of non-oil sectors,…

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FEB 04 2014

Vietnam’s Macroeconomic Environment: FDI Paving the Way for Growth

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Transportation

2013 was the sixth consecutive year since Vietnam first witnessed macroeconomic instability. With high inflation levels, a collapse of the banking system, and relatively lower growth levels compared with its Asia-Pacific peers, the economy faced immense pressures. However, thanks to continuous efforts by the government to uplift the economy as well as the presence of…

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