MAR 15 2018

Fitness Apps Thrive In Spite of Poor Differentiation, Privacy Issues and Data Inaccuracy, But for How Long?


Global fitness app market was worth US$930 million in 2016, expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.6% during 2016-2021 to reach US$2.7 billion. This growth can be attributed to drivers such as steady increase in smartphone adoption, affordable costs of mobile apps, as well as growing health awareness among consumers, including smartphone users. Regardless…

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MAR 16 2017

Blockchain Technology – Next Frontier in Healthcare?

Health Care, Technology, World Economy

Blockchain, an innovation underlying the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, is a distributed ledger technology enabling transparent and secure data sharing in real time. The buzz around blockchain technology has spread far beyond finance sector, the technology’s original application area. In fact, think tanks globally are exploring and testing the potential use of blockchain technology to ease current…

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