JUL 18 2018

Commentary: The Suzuki-Toyota Partnership – Are Such Partnerships Here to Stay?


In February 2017, Suzuki and Toyota signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for business partnership. The two Japanese carmakers drafted framework for collaboration on future technology development, joint manufacturing, and market development projects. Both companies agreed to share their R&D, product portfolio, infrastructure, and dealer networks in India. The collaboration includes mutual supply of passenger…

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FEB 02 2017

The Return of Consumer Credit – What Does It Mean for Algerian Passenger Vehicles Industry?

AUTOMOTIVE, Emerging Markets

(This post, along with recently published article on auto financing in Nigeria, formed a mainstay of a broader coverage article titled ‘Affordable auto financing essential for OEM success in Africa’, contributed by EOS Intelligence to ‘Guide to the automotive world in 2017’, Automotive World’s annual publication covering a gamut of articles by leading global automotive…

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DEC 09 2016

Refurbished Smartphones – the Future of High-end Devices in Emerging Markets

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Technology

An anticipated slowdown in the global smartphone sales forecast for 2016 due to lack of new first-time buyers in large markets such as the USA, China, and Europe, has been alarming for large players who have turned their focus to other emerging markets. To fit the expectations and financial capabilities of price-sensitive consumers in these…

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OCT 28 2014

Indonesia – Public and Private Participation in Universal Healthcare

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Universal Health Care

Under its National Health Strategic Plan (NHSP), Indonesia is continuously focusing on improving the quality and accessibility of its public healthcare system. NHSP (2010-2014) aims to enhance health status through involvement of private sector and civil society. It also focuses on the prevention and cure of health problems faced by the community through availability of…

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JUL 08 2014

Vietnam’s Social Health Insurance – Strong Foundation, but Lacking in Support Infrastructure

Emerging Markets, Health Care, Universal Health Care

Vietnam aims at achieving 100% coverage under its Social Health Insurance by end of 2014. We review the opportunities and challenges faced by healthcare industry stakeholders in Vietnam, and the government’s effort in ensuring 100% health insurance coverage for its population. Vietnam is a lower-middle income country (GNI per capita US$1,550 as of 2012) with…

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JUN 17 2014

A Dragon Unfurls its Wings – How China’s Economic Slowdown Is Rippling Through Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets, World Economy

Almost 10 years ago, Goldman Sachs published a report, in which it predicted Chinese GDP to overtake the USA’s GDP by 2020. Today, this prognosis looks like a far-fetched dream as China has recently been riding a wild economic horse. When Chinese economy was growing, its demand for various products and services contributed to the…

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