FEB 09 2018

Infographic: Vietnam Tourism Sector – Taking Off


Tourists are flocking to Vietnam to admire its natural beauty and cultural heritage. With record-level tourist arrivals in 2017, Vietnam is rising among the fastest growing travel destinations in the world. This sector growth can be attributed to several government initiatives, including strengthening of tourism regulations, financial stimulus, and technology integration. However, some of the…

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AUG 11 2017

Edtech Start-ups in China – Collaborating with Larger Players to Stay Afloat

Emerging Markets

Over the past five years, China has witnessed a steep growth of the online education market with the emergence of start-ups offering economically accessible online education for students of all ages. This growth has been largely driven by favorable government policies, broadening internet reach, and an increased willingness of the population to spend money on…

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AUG 19 2015

Central America And Caribbean: Rising Stars In Investment Landscape

Consumer Goods & Retail, Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, World Economy

Since 2010, less frequently discussed Central American and Caribbean countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua have started to attract significant investment limelight. Effective government initiatives, complemented with availability of young and qualified labor as well as advantageous geographical location are helping these countries attract an increasing number of investments in various industries with…

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MAY 15 2013

As Myanmar Works Towards Stability, Communal Violence Holds The Nation Back.

Emerging Markets, World Economy

In mid-2012, we published a report on Myanmar, looking into its potential as a new emerging market with considerable investment and trade opportunities for foreign investors (see: Myanmar – The Next Big Emerging Market Story?). Almost a year later, we are returning to Myanmar, to check and evaluate whether the political, social, and economic changes…

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