JAN 25 2018

Argentina Powers its Way through Renewables

Renewable Energy

Despite having abundance of renewable resources, Argentina has always had an inclination towards the non-renewable energy in its energy mix. However, in 2016, the incumbent government announced its intentions to explore the renewable resources, especially wind, to ensure that about 20% of the energy mix is contributed to by green energy by 2025 (a shorter-term…

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SEP 12 2017

Small Hydropower: Sub-Saharan Africa’s Answer to Energy Crisis?

Renewable Energy

The Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region is believed to have bountiful energy resources, sufficient to meet the region’s energy requirements, however most of these resources are largely underdeveloped due to limited infrastructural and financial means. This has led to majority of the countries in the region to have restricted access to electricity, despite the presence of…

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JUL 14 2015

Solarizing India – Fad or Future?

Emerging Markets, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Utilities & Resources

We are looking at the current landscape of solar PV market across selected Asian countries. Our first article of the series covered current scenario and future prospects of solar PV market in China (China’s Solar Power Boom). Our second article discusses India’s potential yet challenging solar PV market. ______________________________ The new government, elected in 2014,…

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OCT 17 2013

Wind Energy in South Korea – Aiming High

Emerging Markets, Renewable Energy, Utilities & Resources

Over the past couple of years, South Korea has undertaken considerable efforts to research and develop renewable energy generation across technologies such as fuel cell, solar, wind, geothermal heat, and tidal power. While supporting growth in several renewable energy sectors, the country has focused on expanding wind power generation in particular, given Korea’s access to…

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