JUN 09 2014

Japan’s Quest for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Japan, for many years the symbol of safe use of nuclear energy, started to revise its focus on atomic power following the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima plant meltdowns. After the accident, atomic plants were shut down, and in 2012, the government declared its commitment to the diversification of energy sources, working towards making the country…

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JUN 27 2013

Future of Global Solar Power Industry – Tense, But There’s Still Hope.

Emerging Markets, Renewable Energy, Utilities & Resources

The global solar power industry was always viewed as one based on flawed business principle of artificial sustenance. With prolonged low economic growth, the artificial support base disintegrated, resulting in shutdown of multi-million dollar business across the globe. Several leading players, such as Siemens, Solar Millennium, First Solar Inc, and SunPower Corp and Suntech Power,…

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MAR 15 2012

Solar Photovoltaic Market – Contemporary Scenario and Emerging Trends

Renewable Energy, Utilities & Resources

As concerns about global climate change become more salient with growing population, depleting natural energy sources and subsequent rise in traditional energy prices, the search for alternative sources of power generation has become a prominent societal issue. New sources of energy are typically not as cost competitive as traditional sources such as coal and natural…

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